Welcome to Boots, Boots and Booties!

Womens Heeled Boot with Rose ImageThe name says it all, but there is more to this website than what might be apparent from the title alone…

What we are about:

To state it rather simply, this site is all about boots and booties for women.   To get the full flavor of what you will find here, check out the questions and answers below…

What kinds of boots are here?

The eye-poppers!  The boots that we feature on this site are those that more than likely will make someone say, “Wow….” or perhaps, “Ooooooh….” – or even this:  “OmigoshIgottahavethoseboots!”

Some of the boots might have more practical features than others, some might be more comfortable than others.  Our sole criteria on featuring them here is that they create some kind of pleasant reaction when looking at them.  😀

Who are the boots for?

At this point in time, all of the boots we are featuring are women’s styles.

Do you only feature certain brands?

No – not really.  While there are a few brands that we check into more often than others (due to the tendency of those brand names to produce unique styles), we will basically publish information about any boot that we find that meets the criteria above – i.e., those that makes us say, “Oooooooh” and “Wow….”

(The brands that we feature can all be found among the links in the right sidebar of this site.)

Can I find good deals?

Yes!  For each of our featured boots, we provide links to our favorite merchants that carry it, allowing you to compare prices from each merchant, as available.  You can also visit our Discounts and Sales page to find boots at a lower price from a number of different merchants.

Do you feature new or classic styles?

At Boots, Boots and Booties we will generally feature newer styles (as they are released), although existing or classic styles may occasionally be listed.

How to keep up on eye-popping styles as they are released:

If you would like to stay abreast of newly featured styles, subscribe to our feed to get our most current information.

Thanks for visiting Boots, Boots and Booties!  We are glad to have you here, and hope you enjoy your stay.  🙂